David Alcantar

Installation shot of Artwork for the Amarillo Biennial 600: Race, Justice, Equality, Identity. 2021

My interest focuses on the ability for art to address what is common in human experience more than to what is particular, and to point to beauty that exists in the world that we forget or ignore.

Critical analysis is central to my artistic process, and helps to anticipate the impacts of my works and foster substantive dialogue with a broad audience. The fundamental focus of my work, despite the varied imagery and forms it may take, concerns human negotiation behavior, as it is a universal human activity, and the narrative impacts of negotiated choices on relationships (between people, environments, and experiences).

As a native Texan, sensitive to the role that Texas plays in national politics, I have become increasingly interested in the intersection of art and policy, and curious about how visual rhetoric operates in these two arenas.

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