David Blancas

David Blancas (b. Jesus David Gonzalez 1973, Nueva Rosita Coahuila, Mexico) was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Descending from several generations of musicians, Blancas chose a different path from that of music; he began studying fine art at the University of Texas at San Antonio in the fall of 1991. He achieved recognition in several regional and national art competitions. In 1997, he placed first in the national art competition “El Arte Que Nos Mueve” sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation. In 2001, Blancas was again awarded first place winner of the same competition held to commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and is the sole proprietor of Pintura Artwork Company, a studio and art gallery that was established in 2002. He is also the director and lead muralist of Project Inspire: Mural Arts Program, an organization that collaborates with other agencies to produce community murals and other public art projects.

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  • "La Musica De San Anto"

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