Deborah Keller-Rihn

Deborah Keller-Rihn is an artist, teacher and arts organizer who sees art as a spiritual practice and values creativity as a powerful tool for personal and cultural transformation. Her interest in women’s issues and Eastern spirituality led her to go India in 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2019 to study at the Sri Aurobindo Centre of Advanced Research in Pondicherry in South India. The artist has a studio/gallery in the Blue Star Arts Complex where she has been for over twenty years. She enjoys mentoring young people and taught photography and humanities at Northwest Vista College for ten years. She has recently turned her studio into the Blue Star Arts Collective and will be working with 12 other artists to create cultural programming and innovative art programs for the community.

Keller-Rihn has been working for over thirty years as an artist, teacher, arts organizer and curator and has participated in creating the cultural landscape of San Antonio through her work as Visual Arts Coordinator for Edgewood Independent School District, Assistant Education Curator at the San Antonio Museum of Art, Program Director at Bihl Haus Arts, Arts Program Manager at Centro Cultural Aztlan and as an independent curator and organizer as well as her teaching for over thirty years. She has initiated cultural events such as the Noche de Recuerdo at the Woodlawn Casting Pool with Proyecto Locos and she has been involved in Fotoseptiembre every year since its inception. She has won grants from the San

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