Diane Mazur

Homage to Guernica, from The Covid Series

Diane Mazur is an artist currently specializing in Paintings, Drawings, Mixed Media, Ceramic sculpture and Installation artworks. A colorist, she has worked with many mediums over a long career, including Paintings, Collage, Wood Constructions, Ceramic Sculpture, and Installation. Her work is appreciated for it’s vibrant color and energy. “People say they like to live around my artwork because the colors and energy make them feel good”, says Mazur. She studied under James Surls at SMU in the ‘70’s, and he exhibited her paintings in the 80’s at the Lawndale Annex in Houston during the “Fresh Paint” craze. This catapulted Mazur on to the national and international scene, where she has been exhibiting ever since.

Diane’s strong background in figure drawing and dance influenced her work early on as she embraced Gesture Drawing and Action Painting. Since 1978, Mazur has been exploring questions about human perception and psychology in paintings that she designs to be viewed from any direction, the “4-Way Works”. Through the process of painting on the floor, she developed a technique for creating pieces that can be viewed from any direction. She “hypnotically dances around the pieces”, impregnating them with suggestive associations from each perspective. She throws, pours and squirts her paints, working with different viscosities of oil and water based paints to get the affects she wants. Positive and negative space sometimes transform from one viewpoint t

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