Donald Stewart

Transformation of Myth 30”x36” Don Stewart

Born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, 1955 Eduducation: Ohio State University BFA 1977 Occupation(s);  Art instructor, factory worker (machine shop, steel mill), lab tech, US Army, US Air National Guard, Youth Care Worker, Licensed Chemical Dependence Counselor, Clinical Trainer, Manager of Quality Control. Side hustles: Musician (Afro/Latin/Indian Percussion, guitar). Played with William D Burton Karmic Boogie Band that opened for Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Bobby Lyles, Buckwheat Zydeco. Last played with Psuedo Buddha (3 months in Fat City CD), 2003-2005. Artist statement: My varied life experiences and observations have provided me with an ongoing source of subject matter. Which I interpret into art pieces with my skewed perspective. My intent is to engage, challenge, present the viewer with narratives to consider, reconsider, ponder or discard from their perspective. While I can appreciate art for art’s sake, I prefer to document, comment and create art that reflects on the world as I encounter and perceive it.

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