Edward Guadalupe Acun`a Lucio Cody Jr

Photo created by Cody Vance

Edward Cody Jr enlisted in the military in 1967 while he was still in High School. Went to Vietnam as a naïve young boy ready to kill a commie for Christ, Moms apple pie, and the American way. He returned two years later a changed man. Spent five years self medicating not knowing that was happening. Put his nose to the photographic grindstone, looked straight ahead and never wavered for forty years. After selling his business, and having too much time to think, his stuffed memories of Vietnam came back with a vengeance. This forced him to take a look around and shine a light on the injustices he had observed over his life time. Eds art shows the struggle society places on people. His writing regularly focuses on the oppressed and the oppressor. In the art and writing world he goes by Edward Guadalupe Acuna Lucio Cody Jr a combination of his Anglo and Hispanic roots.


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