Edward Perez

Edward Perez is a street artist born in San Antonio, Texas west side in 1986. He started drawing and painting in his mid teens drawing inspiration from skateboarding, grafitti, and diy culture. In the mid 2000’s Perez started to create art using handcut stencils and spraypaint, going by the moniker a/s/l. Garnering attention from his street art and wheatpaste found around the city in the 2010’s Perez was able to show at spaces like Silkworm, Gravelmouth, and Choice Goods. In 2019 Perez took to his first studio at Mantle artspace, and in 2020 moved to Alamo City studios. In 2021 Perez opened up Not For You Gallery and studio located in the Upstairs at Bluestar. As owner and director of Not For You Gallery Perez has been able to host 14 solo shows and over 75 artist through group show. When not hosting events Perez can be found in his studio creating new paintings.

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As a stencil artist, Edward Perez creates striking, thought-provoking works of art that are recognized for their meticulous attention to detail and captivating visual impact. With a background in street art and a passion for social commentary, Perez uses stencils to explore themes of politics, culture, and identity. Drawing inspiration from the world around them, Perez creates intricate stencils by hand, meticulously cutting out shapes and lines to create layers of texture and depth. The resulting images are both striking and accessible, with bold colors and eye-catching compositions that draw viewers in and encourage reflection. Whether working on large-scale paintings or smaller pieces, Perez is dedicated to using their art to create a dialogue with viewers and spark meaningful conversations. Through their work, they strive to challenge conventional wisdom and inspire others to see the world in new ways.  

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