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I was raised Elise Estrada in San Antonio, Texas.  I began performing while in elementary school. I was trained in Classical Piano and Voice as a child and began composing and writing middle school.  I have three sisters, whom along with me recorded an album of five original compositions of which I wrote and arranged.  I contined to sing throughout school and with the help of incredible teachers and masters, I placed first chair in state vocally. I was fortunate enough to lead the youth choir at my church, where we sang hymns and contemporary Christian songs.  I also worked at San Antonio’s infamous St John’s Episcopal church as an intern for their Classical Church Choir.

Post high school, I ventured to Vanderbilt University in pursuit of a career in Classical Music, however missed contemporary creation and transfered to Belmont University, where I graduated with a degree in songwriting and a minor in music business. I continued to write music and have performed in Nashville, California and in churches in San Antonio.  I returned to San Antonio during the Covid-19 Pandemic, as school ran virtually and had extra time to create music.  I released my first single, Daisies, under Elise Road (as Elise Estrada is an already famous artist in Canada).  To date, Daisies has surpassed over 500,000 streams.  Daisies has opened many opportunites for me to entertain at many venues throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas.  I am honored to be a part of the community and I so h

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I have created music for approximately 20 years.  Initially it was for the love of the music without understanding of the story of a song.  As I wrote, audiences would say that I wrote as if I was a mature adult.  I wrote about things that interested me at the time.  As I matured, I found a deep love for the stories told by tejano and latin artists, country artists, and rhythm and blues artists, such as Selena Quintenilla, Jay Perez, Pedro Infante. Vincente Fernandez, George Strait, Reba McIntyre, Anita Baker, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu. I now approach music from a mystical place.  I understand that I am the vessel by which music and messages are shared.  I write what is conveyed to me. I write it down and arrange it as quickly as possible to enusre I am able to share the messages that I receive.  I love that I have been given the gift and ability to create, transpose, and share the art of music.  Music provides an avenue for our human energies to interact with each other; it gives us the opportunity to feel - love, sadness, happiness, joy - all things that are life.

Regarding subjects, theme, and styles, my approach is one that I adopted from Dolly Parton, "Everyone used to ask me what type of a singer, songwriter I was, and I would answer, I don't have a genre or style, I write the songs that God gives me to share. Whether it is country, rock, rythm and blues, or any other type of music; I just write the melody and words that come to my mind and my heart."

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