Elise Road

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Elise started to write music that fused inspirations from her youth. From the ballads of Babyface to the beats and blues of Erykah Badu, she aspires to keep soul in the foreground. At the age of 16, she began writing with mind to lyrical inspiration, Tori Kelly, and Alicia Keys. She presently continues to incorporate her choral background to harmonize soulful melodies, and further support the meaning behind her music. She focuses on the idea that with something to say-comes something to feel. Her debut album, “I Used to Be Her” entails a journey of coming into one’s own while telling the stories of others and herself with her lat. With a lasting impression of hope and looking forward, she applies the fusion of today and yesterday’s music for a fresh new take on redefining the mainstream. Beginning with her new Pop/R&B release “Daisies”, she aspires to touch on the dreamy side of being away from someone you love wrapped in good vibes. Continuing with her latest single “SHOW ME”,  she opens the floor for stories to be told, and many emotions to feel.

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