Elizabeth Carrington

My work is inspired by – and comments on – popular culture and the world around us. The juxtaposition of multi-layered, crisp graphics of screen printing and sign painting technique and the loose, sarcastic, whimsical graffiti paintings and drawings is my expression on life, in which the ugly and the sublime often overlap. My process often flows from raw doodles and computer designs to handmade screen prints, paintings, digital graphics, environmental graphics and textiles as well as other executions. The finished results mix colors, images, shapes, patterns and type into a calming chaos. I use a wide range of cool, clear, seductive colors that draw you in and are meant to be playful and energetic. While playful, it often features messages that speak to issues important to me: environmental awareness, giving and being part of something useful and positive for future generations, civil rights, popular culture, and questioning the status quo, ideology and dogma. Pieces have been described as ‘active message paintings’ with subliminal messages of hope for the next generation. Hopefully, my work provokes viewers to consider their own complicity in the vanishing moral code of the world we live in and to ask themselves, “Am I part of the disease or am I part of the cure?” She has lived in San Antonio, TX since 2004 and became involved in the art world all while continuing her career in graphic design.


  • 90s East Side, 12’w x 10’h, vinyl on gator board, The McNay Museum, San Antonio

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