Elysia Jaquez

My name is Elysia Jaquez, I am a 21 year old self-taught fashion designer/DJ based in San Antonio, Texas. I started designing/creating 3 years ago when I graduated high school from a small town in West Texas. However, fashion & music have been creative outlets for me throughout my entire life. I decided to pursue a career in design because there was nothing else I saw myself enjoying more than the endless possibilities fashion has to offer. Ever since I was little anytime someone asked me what I wanted to be the answer was always a fashion designer. I just loved the way I could become different versions of myself with clothing. Whatever mood I was in that day would be the inspiration for how I was going to present myself to the world. With fashion & music my ultimate goal is to be authentically myself and to reach audiences that can appreciate and adore my vision. I want to create visuals & projects in my lifetime that are representative of the world I’ve created in my mind.

Artist Statement of Work

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As a designer/DJ/artist I feel that my style overall can be described as alternative and minimalistic with some futuristic inspirations. My approach towards fashion is fresh & catered towards the youth. I've only had one runway show so far but I would love to continue putting on productions & to eventually incorporate my DJ'ing skills into my future shows to create a space for the youth of San Antonio/Texas to observe and enjoy art.


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  • My original remix produced by me using FL Studio 2.0

  • My original remix produced by me using FL Studio 2.0