Enedina Irene

Enedina Irene is a San Antonio-raised poet, prose writer, spoken word performer, and romance novelist. Her works have been featured in Mujer–Centric Zine, St. Sucia, Boundless 2021 anthology, Boundless 2023 anthology, and on the Texas Public Radio program, Worth Repeating. When she is not busy working at the local branch library, she likes to drink coffee on the porch with her husband, spend time with her pets, and daydream.

She is currently plotting her next writing journey.

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I love wordplay. Applying the flash fiction method to my prose and poetry helps me better build a scene, and condense vulnerability into a single line. I build off of that line while working within a 5-10 minute sprint. Other times a feeling comes over me…a word, or thought is heavy in my mind. Then I set up a stopwatch and see what comes out. I enjoy the challenge and the time sensitive nature of it. It is structured chaos in the sense that I never know what will come out, especially when I let my emotions take over.

As a younger writer, I wrote about traumas and other life experiences. Using words to paint a picture is something that helped me. In the last couple of years, I have grown as a person and, into a different writer. I have done much work on healing old wounds, and I’m looking towards writing beyond the trauma. 

I do not consider myself a technical writer and I do not like to put too much thought into the flow of a piece…but focus more on the feelings it elicits in the reader.


  • ¡ZINE BAILE! READING Y ZINE MERCADO as part of the AWP Conference event.

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