Enrique Gutierrez

Untitled (2023)

Artist Statement

Through painting I process feelings and ideas while filtering out repetitive or frustrating thoughts. The process is meditative and improvised and sometimes I try to make a very particular thing. Organic and unexpected forms are fundamental in all of my pieces.

My work has been dephased in the sense that I work new ideas with compositions or drawings done years before. And color combinations to me sometimes are like food cravings that stay in the head. I think of a certain combination that I make up or see somewhere until I use it or forget it.

Lately I have been interested in juxtaposing straight lines and bright colors with organic shapes and earthy colors to give the painting a multidimensional sense. I am also incorporating elements of landscapes in a decomposed way against solid backgrounds to give the painting a sense of space or place.



Enrique Gutierrez, born in Monterrey Mexico in 1983. His interest in art began at an early age and was supported by his parents. Graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. In 2008 he moved to San Antonio Texas where he formally began his career as an artist and where he currently works. His interests in nature and the spiritual world are present in his work, as well as his search for balance between improvisation and control. He also works as a designer and is exploring ideas with digital art.



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  • El Buho (2011)- Acrylic and ink on pine wood- 10 x 18 inches

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