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Art has continued to be a way of life for me since I was very young. I began teaching elementary art for Northside ISD in 2014 and presently I’ve taught at Rawlinson MS for the last 3 years. Let’s Create Together started as mobile painting parties in 2015, where I hosted painting parties in homes or local venues while teaching an acrylic painting class to groups of 15-20 painters. I have hosted children’s and adult celebrations in San Antonio and Bulverde. I have worked with local organizations such as the Girl Scouts of San Antonio and The Lighthouse of the Blind. I have taught evening workshops for parents and students for NISD’s, Journey Through Art program. I have dedicated my time and efforts to educate students and adults how to use their creative expression to create works of art. Due to Covid19, Let’s Create Together was revamped in January 2023 as a commission and custom artwork-based small business. I sell my original paintings, prints and ceramic goods as well as offer private art classes and commissions as needed. My goal is to provide excellent customer service as well as share my wealth of artistic knowledge with everyone through many art media. 

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I've created art my entire life; either for myself, for others or in the classroom with my art students. My personal style of art consists of vivid colors of acrylic paints and conveys complex emotions like love and heartbreak. An artist that inspires my work is Frida Kahlo. Her ability to paint her pain and suffering throughout her life allowed me to become comfortable in sharing my experiences of love, heartbreak, pain, anxiety, depression and loss. Over the years my paintings were hidden from others because I was so engrossed in my full time teaching career for so many years. After Covid19 affected my health and I suffered a miscarriage, I wanted to share my art with the world. I paint my emotions and thoughts using a combination of abstraction and realism, since my mind is often filled with both concepts. Most days I find it difficult to pull myself away from my daily routine of lesson planning and preparing my art students for success in annual art exhibitions and competitions. It wasn't until January 2023, when I decided that I wanted to make my own artwork a priority and rebrand my small art business, Let's Create Together so I can inspire others in my community to be creative and use their artistic abilities to further their personal growth. My new work will begin to explore my Hispanic/Native American heritage and how my great-great grandmother, Cruz Martinez was brought from New Mexico in the 1800s during the Texas Revolution. 

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