Fariba Farsad

Fariba Faraad

Hello, My name is Fariba Farsad. I was born in Iran. I left my country when I was 14 years old and moved to England as a youngster. My family moved to the United States about 35 years ago, and soon after, I followed them and made Texas my home.
I have been energized and motivated to paint after a 30-year hiatus. An interior designer by trade, student and seeker of spirituality, and core shamanism, I am both grateful and humbled to have another artistic opportunity. My Bohemian Gypsy Soul and love of nature and vibrant colors are pushing their way out of my heart onto the canvas. Spirit animals and other spiritual beings such as plants and ancestral spirit guides have awakened within me and I have found myself inspired to honor and share them all with you in the best way I know how – through my artwork. Drawings form in front of my eyes and my fingers pick the colors and my soul designs and creates patterns. I feel as if I am the chosen surrogate mother for these ideas to be born from. I have given birth to over 60 paintings in the last seven years.During this journey, my son Ralyn has been helping me with all multimedia work and introducing my paintings and art to every corner of this world. He has gained us many followers on Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook. If not for him and his dedication to make Me a happy mom and a proud artist, I would never have been able to share my art with all of you.

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My artwork is cheerful and authentic with a touch of Persian and Native American influences thanks to the help of my spirit animals and ancestral guides. Please feel free to contact me for your original, one of a kind artwork.

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