Fernando Davil

Award-­‐winning, modern Latin music artist, songwriter, and composer Fernando Davil is a native Texan born in Brownsville and raised in Saltillo and Monterrey, Mexico, Davil ’s musical development in playing piano and singing took him to Monterrey in 1997, where he carved out a space for himself on the international pop scene. Davil’s style of singing and extraordinary performing ability have earned him invitations to perform with jazz, classical, and pop greats such as Mana, Akira Jimbo, Giovanni Tomasso, Martin and many more. To support Fernando’s mission to produce and compose his music, he has partnered with local executive sponsors who have a passion for Fernando’s talent.

“I am here to entertain, create, educate and inspire through the power of my music, I would love to keep growing and become more popular in other communities and countries. Telling my story through music will hopefully speak to the heart of listeners and give them something to relate to.” Davil ’s energetic performances display his tremendous musician skills and versatility of modern pop and jazz.

For more information, follow him on all social media, digital music stores, and www.fernandodavil.com. 

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