Fran Trachta

As an artist, my goal is to engage the viewer, regardless of the medium, short films, music videos, documentaries, photography or song writing. If I can convey an emotion through my art and connect to just one person then I have achieved my goal. I can only strive for creative freedom and hope that I can communicate my vision with other people. The most rewarding aspect of my art is to develop a bond and interaction between myself and other artists to convey our creative vision to the community. Creativity is absolute freedom of expression and infinitely abundant to anyone who chooses to express themselves. It is also one of the simplest solutions for bridging inequality and diversity throughout our communities and neighborhoods.

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  • The story is based on a protagonist who is about to embark on a journey out to sea. He sails into the rising sun and on through the night. Sailing and navigating by map, compass, stars, and the sun, he is unaware of the danger that lies ahead.

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