Francisco Lopez

Gato Futuro, ongoing work, Painting started in 2021, the characters concept actually came to me in 2016

I am a multi-talented artist based in San Antonio, with a passion for exploring a diverse range of mediums and techniques to bring my artistic visions to life. With a background in mural and canvas art, I have collaborated, lead and assisted on numerous large-scale projects, In recent years, I have expanded my skill set to include 3D modeling prop/costume 3D printing and creating . I have created a wide range of costumes and props for events such as San Japan, Alamo City Comicon, Morphinominal Expo, and Allcon. My interest in 3D modeling has also led me to explore the potential marrying mural work with 3D printed installations, creating a unique and innovative fusion of mediums. For me, art has always been a source of comfort and tranquility, providing a peaceful escape from the world around me. At the same time, my passion for creating has given me a sense of strength and resilience, allowing me to overcome challenges and pursue my artistic dreams. Whether sketching and researching ideas for my next mural, or engineering the next 3D model to be printed, Im constantly driven by my fascination with the creative process.

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My source of inspiration comes from the animation and cartoons that came in the 80's and 90's not to mention movies throughout the years National Geographic, The History Channel, graffiti, murals, and just the funky colors and styles my mother had me in growing up. I think jam packing everything together comes my style and my vision of characters and landscapes giving a psychedelic anima illustration representing to historical, political, emotional, and fictional events.

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