Gabriel Fuentes

A versatile and dedicated theatre educator with eight years of service in the public education classroom and over a decade of experience working in professional theatre. By creating an inclusive learning environment that encourages creativity and collaboration, I am committed to helping students develop their talents and reach their full potential as theatre professionals.

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Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

As an educator, I believe students must be the driving force behind their education, while their teachers merely act as a facilitator of knowledge and character. By taking active roles and collaborating with one another, both teachers and students develop and refine their thoughts and opinions while on the quest for higher knowledge or enlightenment. On this quest, it is vital that the educator and student build an individualized and respectful relationship with one another. Through this relationship, the role of the educator is to discover the unique potentials of their students while the students are encouraged to further develop their skills.

My teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of leading through empathy. The world is much larger than the individual student or teacher. As individuals, we must learn to see things from a larger perspective. As an arts educator, having a wholistic approach to education has been especially important. Through the arts, we delve into the depths of the human experience. By understanding our place in this world, we can do our part in contributing to a more just society.

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