Gabriela Garcia Congrains

Photo Credit: JoJo Dancer

I am a Colombian born, San Antonio based fashion designer. Before graduating from La Arturo Tejada Cano in Bogota in 2013 I took the time to travel the world and study various fashions in places like Paris and Peru. After developing my own style I went on to form Congrains Designs and in 2019 had my first fashion show called Bow in San Antonio, Texas. My second runway, The Flower, was featured at Texas Fashion Week (San Antonio) 2021 and was featured in Texas Public Radio. My third runway premiered at Austin Fashion Week 2022 and featured twelve new looks. I am currently developing her next line of designs and am also working as the wardrobe designer for a feature film being directed by Frank Weysos in San Antonio. 


Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

Even as a child I knew I loved fashion and art. Clothes, colors, shoes, style. I saw how all those elements worked together and wanted to learn how and why. I went on to study fashion and art not only in school but in my life. I traveled to places like Paris and South America on a journey to discover myself as an artist. I have now found a way to blend all the things I love into my fashion illustrations and my fashion designs. Colors and pop culture collide with fabric and canvas! This is who I am. This is my art. 

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