Gary & Cathy The Flying Woitenas

Gary (L) and Cathy (R) at the 2021 Guy Clark tribute at the Pig Pen Nov 6, 2021

Gary & Cathy are a singer/songwriter duo from San Antonio, Texas, who play original material and covers primarily in the Country Western and Folk traditions. Cover songs include music by Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Kris Kristofferson, Larry Joe Taylor and other easy feeling artists.
Original material includes music written by Gary such as Seabrook By The Bay (a traditional country music feel), Springtime in Texas (a Bob Wills swing feel), Starlight In Your Eyes (a Patsy Cline feel) and This Song’s For You (a jazzy feel). Cathy has written songs such as Window To Nowhere (a sweet ballad about a young girl’s room), and The Deal (a ballad about chance meetings).
Gary is originally from San Antonio and it’s diverse culture is an influence on his music. Cathy is from West Virginia and brings a country/blue grass background to her music. Together Gary and Cathy combine for exceptional harmonies and interesting personal stories about life.
Gary & Cathy have been performing together for about 8 years and have played in such a diverse range as venues such as La Kiva and the High Sierra in Terlingua, Texas and the Cactus Festival in Devine, Texas and the Pig Pen in San Antonio in addition to appearances at venues in Central and South Texas.


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