Gary Davenport

Gary Davenport is a songwriter and composer who has been recording and performing since 1976 and was the founding member of the local progressive folk/post punk group Mannequin and later a founding member of world music group Himmel and later rock group Red Square. He created the recording label Closet Records in 1978 along with Mark Champion which featured recordings from Mannequin and other local artists, Mike Escamilla and punk band the Rejects. An album from Red Square was released in 1987. Gary later created the label, MuseMyth Recordings. He has released 3 albums through the label; Vita Nova, Wonder Slips Away, and The Door Into Summer which was voted second best album of 2015 at the San Antonio Music Awards. He signed with the Numero Group in 2019 who released a compilation LP of his early works with Mannequin and other solo & collaborative works entitled, Scattered Thoughts–Num197. He is currently a member of the experimental art group DMT. An album of their music will be released in early November 2023 and is entitled, The Ghost of Memory.

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How to describe oneself....well, my approach is simply to be open to the muses. All artists put their name onto their work to identify it but in my opinion, all artists know that we are merely vehicles and stewards for what comes through when we're open. It's a beautiful and high moment to say the least....Sometimes a song pours through mysteriously when I'm on my guitars or a keyboard/piano....usually the music dictates the lyrics if there are lyrics and the sounds and vibrations lead to and inspire the images that become words. Occasionally, the words come through first and music is applied later; but not often. Some of my lyrics have to do with social and political topics. And another recurring theme is about living in the moment understanding that all is temporary during this lifetime while realizing at the same time that it is also a gift to not be taken for granted. Some of my instrumental work has to do with themes such as the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Oracle at Delphi. Journey to Oaxaca is a piece inspired by the energy of that region and the Zapotec culture. I was inspired and composed the instrumental entitled Akhaldan which was an ancient city from the book Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson by G.I. Gurdjieff.  I've always had the desire to create music for films since hearing Brian Eno's album, Another Green World.

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