Giovanna DiZurita

DiZurita - Serenity

“Art is the window which unveils my inner thoughts. My art is the secret language of my dance; portraying every message with the footprints I leave behind on the canvas. Art allows me to jump into the fantasy world within my mind and bring that world into reality. Art is the evidence that imagination and creation can meet in the same time and space. My color palette is the true definition behind the emotions of my art.”

Giovanna DiZurita is a Mexican-American artist challenging the status quo and embracing life with the desire to innovate and evolve constantly. The purpose behind her art is to allow everyone to give life to the story behind her artwork and to showcase the roller coaster of a mess that he human life is but also the beauty within every situation we experience. Her artworks area  a colorful composition, inspired by the colors of nature and beauty of all living organisms. Each work is an invitation into a world where there is always more than what meets the eye. Her artwork focuses on reaching  an emotional connection with the spectator allowing him or her to give life to the story and become part of the art. The work of DiZurita has been exhibited internationally across Europe, North/Central America. Her collectors are all over the world and include the lights of Bernie Sanders and Mayor of her home city San Antonio, Tx. For DiZurita “Art is happiness without boundaries. So make your life art and become a walking masterpiece.”

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  • Giovanna DiZurita - Down at the Riverwalk


  • This is a video of an art exhibit by Giovanna DiZurita McNay Museum.

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