Gladys Jacobson

Gladys Jacobson

My creative journey started when I realized I was too left-brained. A result from analyzing numbers and doing administrative work as the Chief budget Officer for the Community College District in San Antonio. I decided to remedy that by taking photography classes-from composing to the darkroom. I then became interested in mosaics. Creating from glass was inspiring- I created a Garden of Glass in my living room.  My specialty was glass on glass-my unique spin on stained glass.

When I retired in 2017, I began taking art classes from Go Arts/Bihl Haus. An opportunity to work on a project in sculpting arose. I have three pieces of sculpture on the Tree of Life-a community project on the Mission Espada Riverwalk and a write-up in the Express News.

I enjoy painting the vibrant colors of nature. But at times I see a face that intrigues me; I itch to put it down on paper or canvas. Sharing their story or a piece of their personality through this process is powerful and fulfilling.  My drawing of “Wanda” was accepted into the 2022 San Antonio Art League juried art show.  It was also included in a piece I wrote that was used by the Cape Teaching & Leadership Institute in South Africa in 2021. Voices de la Luna used my “Monarch Migration” on the cover of their February 2022 magazine. I am a member of Gentileschi Aegis Galllery Association (GAGA) and show regularly at the San Antonio Art League and Museum (SAALAM).

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