Gloria Bueno

Photo taken by: Kevin Barton. On set for "Reasons" music video releasing 2023

Hi there! My name is Gloria Bueno aka “Brilla” I have been an active performer/creative in San Antonio for way over a decade. I started off as a local actress for many, many years. I have won multiple awards in multiple film festivals (No Sleep Channel Productions) for best supporting actress and other titles such as “Best of SA: Best Actor” (ranking 2nd) throughout my acting career. Along with acting, i heavily became active in the body paint community and organization here locally (Beyond The Canvas). Not only was i positioned as the lead canvas for the community for a few years, but i also won a couple of awards for “Best Live Art Performer” by audience choice throughout time as well. Eventually i startled to gain other creative interests such as writing poetry and horror stories which have been published through independent book presses from different parts of the states and locally such as “The Dark Corner Zine”, “That Gray Zine” and “HighNoon” to name a few. As of recent, i’m an active singer, song writer, burlesque performer, photographer and filmmaker. June of 2022, i was featured on “Voyage” magazine for “Rising Stars” and since then i have released a music video “Using (All My Love) and  will be releasing another music video for “Reasons” this year (2023) I am currently a burlesque performer with  “Haus Of Erotique” who won title “Best Of SA: Burlesque Troupe 2022” Also dabbling with photography and filmmaking. Art has always been my passion.

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