Gloria Sanchez Hart

2020 VISION YOLQUE & WATERS OF HEAVENS & EARTH, 2021, Woodcut Print 5'x3'

Gloria Sanchez Hart has a Master’s degree in Printmaking. Mexican-born, her series of 72 intaglios and lithographs titled “Redes“ was first exhibited at the University of Guadalajara in 1979. “Redes” was exhibited extensively in Mexico, and in 1989 after Sanchez Hart immigrated to the United States, it was exhibited in San Antonio, Texas.  The Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in the HemisFair Plaza sponsored the event.

Art critic Dan R. Goddard reviewed the exhibit in his post in the Express-News, 07/23/1989.

“Particularly compelling is her series on the life and death of fishermen. In richly detailed prints, she depicts the fishermen as symbols of life lived close to nature. The fine mesh of the nets surround the figures of the fishermen with strong backs and highly stylized features. The image of the men pulling on a net takes on a ritualistic quality, like some ancient ceremony of a lost religion.” 


In 2010 she had her first retrospective exhibition titled “40 Years of Printmaking” at Stone Metal Press in the Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio. During her residency at Stone Metal Press Sanchez Hart participated in large print Steam Roller events including Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio Museum of Art, and McNay Art Museum. In 2012 United Way of San Antonio commissioned Sanchez Hart to create an intaglio “Procreation” with an edition of 24 prints to present as awards to the Volunteers of the Year.


In 2013 and 2014 Sánchez Hart had

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  • Quinto Sol (Fith Sun), 2011

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