Grace Goen

Originally from San Antonio, Grace started as a self-taught photographer. In high school, she attended Say Si, a media arts program, where she first started creating short films. From her work at Say Si, Grace won a scholarship from Adobe allowing her to study film production at Vancouver Film School. She graduated in 2018, specializing in cinematography and directing. Her experience spans productions large and small, consisting of narrative, documentary, and experimental work. Most recently Grace was the cinematographer for the feature film “The Place In Between”, scheduled to premiere in 2021. She is currently on her first festival run for a short film she wrote and directed right after graduating, “Unseen”, which had its premiere at Screamfest LA and soon after screened at Nffty in Seattle. Grace’s major interests lie in writing and directing stories that leave viewers to reflect upon their morality and challenge the world around them.



  • Unseen - Short Film (Writer/ Director)

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