Hilary Jean

Hilary Jean’s visual break down of people as “piles of shapes walking around” is a catalyst for her raw, self taught signature style. She is an international abstract artist with a strong pursuit in sculpting and sketching. Her pieces are found in private collections ranging from Denmark, France, Canada and the States. Since starting her professional career in 2020 she has participated in solo, duo and group shows at multiple galleries and art museums including the Mexic-Arte Museum, Mercury Project and Not For You Gallery. She continues to explore the human entity that exists beyond the physical through the play of shadow within her work.


Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

This is a study of the mind behind the mask of our well practiced and socially accepted facial expressions. When you view the face of another, their world is going on behind it. The work is a look into our hidden perceptions, tracing continual lines between our dynamic inner realities. Our sensory system gives us an understanding of the outside world but can cause exaggerated ideas and feelings depending on an individuals exposed “nerves” responding to various societal stimuli. This is explored through the odd scale and body dysmorphia represented in the pieces.

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