Hilary Rochow


Hilary Rochow is a multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in San Antonio, Texas. She holds a Bachelors of Industrial Design from Auburn University. Her formal training in both industrial and graphic design informs her illustrations of impactful figures on clean backgrounds as well as the simple detail of her sculptural works. Her lifelong adoration of the natural world weaves its way into her choice of animal and plant subjects. She has shown work at multiple galleries including Flax Gallery, Space C7, and FL!GHT. She also operates a gallery, Rojo, and studio in the Southtown Arts District in San Antonio.


My work is as much about perception and time as it is about the botanical and animal subject matter I choose. I’m someone who is extremely detail-oriented, and I spend a lot of my time carefully observing the world around me. My hope in creating is that I can encourage a thoughtful way of looking in my audience, and that my work can help forge an emotional connection between human and nature. We are not so disparate, after all, being more so animals in communities of animals than something that exists outside of the natural world.

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