Holding Space

Holding Space performing at an acoustic rock event.

Holding Space is meant to be a cathartic outlet for those that might not have space to “just let it out”. We grew up listening to music as a means to release the emotions we experienced but couldn’t process. We hope this music allows you to feel whatever you need to feel and have a little bit of light at the end of it all. Join the movement and Hold Space Not Hate.


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We write music as a way to process the emotion we can't move through otherwise. Our hope is that people can be honest with themselves as they listen to the songs we write. If they feel in any way similar, our desire is that listening will aid in their process of releasing emotions that are trapped beneath the surface of the conscious. For that reason, we call ourselves an emo band, meant to make you feel something.

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  • Here is our most recent EP of professionally recorded and produced original songs.