Ilysha Thompson

I’m a 20 year old artist. Not just with paint but poetry, music, and more. I’m not just an artist because its my passion or for money. Painting is my passion, but my art is more about healing people. I want my paintings to bring peace and healing to people across the world. I want to change the way people see art. Not just paint on a canvas. For people who have anxiety to look and feel peace. Or for depressed people to look at my art and feel comfort. Art is a lot of people’s passion . But what makes my art so special is that it’s not just for me to express myself. But for me to help others express themselves. When they can’t quite put their emotions into words. Something for them to relate to and know they are not alone. That’s why I also put bible verses and positive words on the back of all my art. With my art I want to make the world a better place, spread positivity, and love.

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