Jaime Mejia

In late 2014, when Jaime Mejia had the Idea to put together a project that would focus on creating original latin music; He quickly enlisted the help of some of the best musicians San Anto had to offer. Consisting of band members from previous projects and former college classmates together forming Volcán. After a few months of rehearsals, local shows at small venues and bars, the ensemble grew in size. Eventually the addition of a full horn and percussion section shifted the band toward it’s signature sound. With new mebers and sounds for Jaime to write for and experiment with, the band found itself entering a new dawn. A proper orquesta emulating classic Latin rhythms and traditional sounds, outfitted with a new modern take. “I hold Volcán to a very high standard. Creating pieces of music that stretch the definition of what traditional latin music can be and modernizing our favorite classic sounds for a younger audience is an enormous cultural responsibility and we gladly accept the challenge.” – Jaime Volcán started as a vehicle to fill a void in San Antos music scene. Representation is the core reason we do what we do. We believe it’s important to show all of Texas and the rest of the nation the best of what our city has to offer, with an international push in sight.

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