Jaime Varela

Jaime “Hulk” Varela, was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, December 13th, 1974. He began his professional career in music in 1993. Jaime has recorded guitars and other stringed instruments for a combined total of over 25 artists and both single and album recordings. He’s played lead guitar for numerous bands, orchestras and solo singers in Central America and now in the US which he calls home!!

In 2015, he released his all-instrumental album “Gracia Activa” showcasing all of his musical influences, and displaying his skills on mandolin, banjo, bass and ukulele. Since 2017, Jaime Varela has been playing and recording guitars for several Texan music projects and bands, while blending in the local music scene, performing at all kinds of local music venues to the famous Houston and San Antonio rodeo, and the iconic stage at Luckenbach, Texas.

In March 2021, he released his latest single “Hope”; a two-part song, in which Jaime plays all electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass and percussions. “Hope” is an instrumental song written during the Covid19 pandemic, looking to inspire about finding good despite adversities.

Jaime Varela is currently working on his upcoming album: 2&0Y.

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