James Meyer

James Meyer, 2022. From the series \\\"So Now I\\\'m a Veteran.\\\"

After receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia College Chicago Meyer taught photography and digital media at the university level for ten years. Meyer had the opportunity to go back into the Illinois Air National Guard as a flight engineer on the C-130. While supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he flew over 300 combat hours throughout the Middle East over 12 deployments. After retiring from the USAF, the VA enabled him to go back to school and earn an associate’s degree in web development. He missed the higher education environment and obtained an entry-level position as a web developer at Texas A&M-San Antonio, he’s now the Assistant Director of Web Services.

I create autobiographical personal narrative works that explore my time in the military and the physical and emotional consequences of being a veteran. I combine videos and stills from my time in the military, both flying combat missions in the Middle East as well as during downtime between missions with other original content sources to share the external world of combat and contrast that with my internal experiences.

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  • Beans•Bullets•Bandaids demo reel.

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