Jarard Kenneth

Jarard Kenneth, a Saginaw, Michigan native, currently residing in San Antonio, TX., is a versatile R&B artist who began his musical journey at a young age, influenced by his mother’s church involvement. Starting with poetry and later songwriting, he delved into music production during his teenage years. This passion persisted during his time as a soldier stationed in South Korea, where he learned production software and explored languages like Korean and later Spanish upon returning back to the States. Jarard’s music career encompasses various genres, with projects like “LOVE” and “The Love Demo.” As of 2022, he had obtained a degree in Audio Production and has a keen interest in sound design for film and television. Beyond music, he hosts podcasts and has ventured into entrepreneurship, forming WITSOL and registering with BMI. Jarard Kenneth epitomizes a multi-talented artist on a diverse and evolving creative journey.


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  • Dive into the bilingual world of English and Spanish R&B with 'Come Through (Ven Aquí).' This visualizer video paints a captivating picture of a man pouring his heart out through music to a special woman who's joined him for an intimate moment. Let the music and visuals merge to create a mesmerizing experience. Join us for this unique blend of love and melodies.

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  • Experience the seductive blend of English and Spanish in this modern R&B track, tinged with early 2000s nostalgia and enriched with a touch of Bachata. Influenced by R&B legends, it features smooth vocals and dynamic production, including collaborations with Mr. Pharø and Angel Vernice. Perfect for mid-20s to mid-40s R&B aficionados who crave passion and sensuality in their music.