Jason Limon

Jason Limon is an American artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where he continues to reside with his wife and his daughters. His interest in art started at a very young age. He grew up in a big family and his older brothers were already interested in art, and so drawing and painting was something he had the chance to see and breath everyday, and easily became his own passion as well. He studied fine arts and graphic design at San Antonio College.

He started as a visual artist exhibiting in galleries across the United States and parts of Europe. Even if he was using a computer to express his art he actually never stopped drawing and painting, and after twelve years in graphic design he started his full time career as a painter in 2006. He has had solo exhibitions in San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Albuquerque and Chicago, and has participated to a large variety of group exhibitions globally.

His art has been presented in many publications and has received awards from Communication Arts, American Illustration and The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. In 2016, a toy based on one of his paintings won the “Toy of the Year” Award from the Designer Toy Awards in New York.

His first inspiration derives from his passion for old objects and military history, typography, but mostly he enjoys product packages from all eras, that at times are true pieces of art. He loves to visit antique stores and flea markets searching for art and toys. His main techni ... view more »


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