Jeannette Guetersloh

HOT LIPS, detail. Silk rayon velvet, wax resist

Jeannette is an artist who, while proficient in many media, is currently focusing on textiles.  Her inspiration is based on the customs and arts of other cultures.  The image you see is part of a petroglyph, which she saw in the jungles of Venezuela. She connects the heritage of the past to the present, creating Art as Fashion…or is it Fashion as Art? She also loves to cook and enjoys exploring both the culinary and the visual arts aspects of San Antonio.

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I concentrate on surface design on fabric, producing one-of-a-kind and limited edition art-to-wear garments and accessories as well as two dimensional wall pieces.  I also enjoy the challenge of commissions in other media. The art of other cultures provides the basis and inspiration for my work.  While living and traveling in some of the culturally rich areas of Southeast Asia, I was privileged to be allowed to observe customs and beliefs as expressed through ancient rites and rituals. Vibrations of ancient images are developed in my fiber works by exploring resist and/or dye discharge processes on luxurious fabrics, primarily silk.  I use contemporary adaptations of the traditional fabrics resist techniques of Batik and Shibori to create an interpretation of ancient messages and symbols of protection. The timelessness of these universal symbols expresses a sense of continuity from ancient rites and rituals to contemporary fashion and design, portraying a deep appreciation of the ancient with a flair for the contemporary.


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