Jeremy Brosch

Jeremy Brosch

Jeremy Brosch, a native of San Antonio, is a Film Composer. Since 2016, he has been actively composing and writing music. He has collaborated with local filmmakers and writers, both in his hometown and abroad, including in the UK, to create outstanding scores for their projects.

Jeremy’s versatile abilities are evident in his extensive repertoire, which includes a variety of genres such as Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, gospel (instrumental), and soundtracks ranging from suspenseful, ambient, adventure, and action sounds to modern classical piano music. He skillfully blends different instruments to create unique, captivating soundscapes that enhance the visuals of any film.


  • I Catch You. The Cue Tube for Score Relief 2022Original Footage, and Dialogue Four Of Wands Productions Composition: Jeremy Brosch

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  • Soft Piano

  • JeremyTheJerm (Stage name for other works) [Lo-Fi Hip Hop]

  • Cinematic (DEMO) works

  • Religious Work (Christian)