Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons draws from his personal experiences to create songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful. Parsons has topped the international iTunes sales charts, the Roots Music Report charts, the IndieWorld Country chart and has appeared on many others. His videos have been Official Selections in IMDB film festivals. After living in Nashville for several years, Jeremy has returned home to Texas. His new album, “Things To Come,” was released on January 8, 2021. He was recently added to a Spotify Editorial playlist, resulting in over 137K streams of the title track.



  • It's here, y'all! It's the official music video for my latest single from my upcoming album of the same name, "Things To Come." About the song: We all have those crucial crossroads points in our lives, a moment in which you have to look at what you've got and realistically decide what's next and what's for the best. "Things To Come" is about the journey that got me there, a rollercoaster ride of drugs and alcohol, a search for the correct answers for myself. Was it that my life was over, or was it that something greater was about to begin. That was my choice to make, and I chose the latter. I walked that path until it almost killed me, and then with the help of the ones I love the most, I made a shift. I quit drinking because it was destroying me, my friendships, and all I had worked to achieve. There were plenty of good times and travels there, but I had more to do, and I was finally ready to face myself and get back on track. This is a song for the future and comes with the knowledge that we are in control of our own lives, and we should look forward to that, no matter how rough it gets. Here's to you, to now, and to all the Things To Come. Created by: Nick van Dyk Contact Nick to make a video for you! Email:

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  • I needed to make this record and write these songs to grow both as an artist and a person. I forced myself to look inward and at all my past experiences and the lessons I gathered from them. I put all of that along with the feelings that came with them under a microscope. I wanted to mix it all and link everything to our day-to-day human experiences. Take specific events and make them broad so all who desired to could feel included in the story. This record comes from years worth of observation, inner struggle, and knowing that although we can\'t ever fully control it all, we can choose to do better for ourselves. Here\'s to all the things to come!