Jerimiah Heye

The art created by Heye Mosaics accomplishes delicate design with durability lasting many lifetimes. Tile will never fade, nearly indestructible, and maintenance is never needed. The viewer is encouraged to touch and be a part of the art. Due to the intricacy and detail of the mosaic work, it is never completely seen or experienced in one setting. Tile details are not merely painted on one large tile, but are individually cut, glazed and fired.

I have spent most of my adult working life in the health industry along with pursuing the tile mosaic art. I worked in the ER at University Hospital for several years, until I was hired for the SAFD back in 2004. I have dedicated my life to enrich others in health education, emergency medical treatment, and visual art.

I am married and am the father of five girls. I am, without question, dedicated to these women. They give me guidance and love which I would express in any public work.

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