Jessica J Herrera

Jessica J Herrera was born and raised in San Antonio. As a Latin x/ Tejana author, she speaks through her different artistic expressions. Art was her outlet while attending a restrictive Catholic School in the Southtown Area. At an early age, she rebelled and took a stand against her persecution for her creativity and love for her culture from the white-washing Nuns. It was after leaving that school she found herself in a world filled with opportunity while attending public school. She would formally be introduced in art class to the concept of Renaissance men, a person of many talents. Having a love for art, poetry, acting, and writing, she  aspired to be that. Jessica would go on progressively developing her craft in taking classes and courses in high school, college and her local university. Constantly, she was recognized for her perspective and unique creativity. She also worked in the performing arts as an actress in films that led her into screenwriting and then directing. She then ventured into having her short stories published and later moved towards publication of entire works. She became best known for live storytelling of the Urban Legends of San Antonio and would later go on to writing an adult-based book “Traditional Tales of Tejano Terror San Antonio Urban Legends Then and Now” which is based on the classic and contemporary stories on San Antonio Folklore. She also wrote illustrated a children’s based book known as “San Antonio Urban Legends”. She would go on

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  • Storyteller Jessica J Herrera covers some of San Antonio's most compelling Urban Legends.

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