Photo by Vince St Angelo

Welcome! Jevon “chi” is my musical artist moniker and, I DJ currently based in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve thankfully been able to perform here across the city, and surrounding areas consistently for the past 7-8 years. My very first show being able to open for Soulection’s Andre Power in 2014.   As a child I can remember memorizing a Jay Z song , and passionately performing it for family really early on, I like to think I was off to a good start. I attended Thomas Jefferson where I attended band and privately studied piano for five years. At this time I’ve developed a wide spectrum of appreciation for music of all kinds. Since starting I’ve been fortunate enough to perform for events and establishments such as: The San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio Botanical Gardens, The Frank Irwin Center, SXSW, and Texas Public Radio.


Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

As for approach I strive for elegance when I perform. Nature and the ethereal are common themes within my performances. I like to try and create a sense of beauty and wonder with the music I choose to play. I like genre's of all kinds from afro beat to bossa nova. Depending on what the show calls for I try to apply principles that I think can be enjoyable for all involved. Often the shows consist of various sections whether those be jazz, house, electronica, hip hop, drum & bass, or even bossa nova.

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Select Culturally Specific Art Category:: African American/Black Art


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