John Carrera

I am part of a San Antonio musical legacy. My father is Henry Carrera, founding member of one of the most influential bands of the 50’s, The Del Kings. I have been a professional musician since I was fifteen years old. I started my career playing in the orchestra pit of the San Antonio Little theater. I have played with several local bands, the most notable were Manic Shuffle from the 90’s, and West Kings Highway from the 2000’s. I am a singer/songwriter and composer. I have composed pieces that have been used in local  commercial spots and radio advertisements. I am currently performing with Eddie Morales in a band called The Rock Creek Duo. I have also started an online radio station called The mission of the station is to showcase local music and musicians. I want to help build a community of musicians and fans. I love this city, and I’m so proud of our musical heritage.


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I write music that can fall into a few genre. I feel lucky that I grew up during an amazing time in musical history, the 60's and 70's. The amount of music, and diversity of music was wonderful. There was so much amazing music being made, and it was all coming out of my little AM radio. I was also very lucky to belong to a musical family. there were so many different styles of music being played in my home. From Jazz, to Blues, to Rock and R&B, it was great. And outside of my house my friends were listening to rock, and funk, and punk. The first band I played with was a full on rock band, but later I started playing with many other bands, with sounds that stretched from jazz, to pop, and rock. I was also heavily influenced by music coming from England. So, when I first started writing, my sound was very much a mix of all my influences. Now, I really don't write in any one style. I hear something in my head and I work to get it out. It can have a pop sound, a bluesy sound, or even an orchestral sound. I give credit to my orchestral love from being in band  in high school, also my love for music in movies. I love how the music in a movie can make you feel a certain way. That's what I always try to do with my writing. I want people to feel something when they hear my music. I have a fond memory of playing a gig at a local club and there was a young lady with her ear close to the speakers crying. I talked to her later and she said the music moved her. That was my goal.

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  • My submission for composers contest. I wrote and performed all the music for my submission.

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  • Mary Will You Wait - Written by John Carrera, performed by West Kings Highway.

  • Moments - Written by John Carrera, performed by West Kings Highway.

  • Now Were Here - Written by John Carrera, performed by West Kings Highway.

  • Stay - Written by John Carrera, performed by West Kings Highway.

  • Emotive - Written and performed by John Carrera

  • From The Shore - Written and performed by John Carrera

  • If I Wait - Written and performed by John Carrera

  • Winter Light - Written and performed by John Carrera