Jon Rodz

Born and raised on the West Side of San Antonio, Jon Rodz always envisioned making a living as an artist or just living a life that was creative. Jon was inspired by the stories he saw and the struggles he lived through. Jon’s Origin Story starts at SAY Sí, guided by his SAY Sí Instructors, Stevan Živadinović, Ned Meneses, and Rick Stemm, who showed him that being creative is more than just being an artist. Through trial and error, sailing right into uncharted creative territory, Jon discovered a passion for being a leader, working with people, and entrepreneurship. Transitioning into roles such as SAY Sí Liaison and Mentor. He had a jump start in committing to his creative path; Web and UX Design. As a young designer and entrepreneur, Jon will be studying UX Design at SCAD. He desires to research and design creative business solutions for products and services across all industries while mentoring and staying connected with young Latinos interested in design. In an industry where Latinos are underrepresented, Jonathan believes he will make a difference in driving UX design innovation of products, services, and systems inclusive of his culture.

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  • Time Tab, an interactive city-wide, Alternate Reality Game, New Media

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