Jonathon Gonzalez

Self taught artist from Austin, Texas. Murals, large paintings, animation, logo designs, micro illustrations, skateboards, etc. My work speaks for itself and I’d love to help your idea come to life. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have a project you’d love to collaborate with me on.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I would like to describe my art style as self reflection realism with a comic edge with hidden elements everywhere you look. I approach every commissioned piece with the same philosophy that even though the idea may not be within your comfort zone, the challenge will be satisfaction enough. As an artist, you cannot always stay within your realm. The work will become stale and repetitive, you need to always challenge yourself to go above and beyond. Make ever line count in your favor, know how your brush stroke will reflect when you move your hand a certain way. Catalogue your movements to know how you can create something both efficient and with purpose. You need to know that this is an expression of your hours of dedication, it took time to get the attention of others and gain their trust. Remember where you were years ago and let that success carry you further.

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