Joseph Rogers

Breath Of The Serpent Luminaria 2021

“I am constantly seeking out new ways and forms of visual expression by combining the conceptual with practical and often original techniques of pushing mediums to speak in a new visual language. My art often fuses metaphysical and sometimes humorous concepts with powerful symbology of shape, form and color to convey visible and hidden meanings. My goal is to not only entertain, but to move a viewer in some way, a bit closer to their own revelation of truth.” Joseph was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA. He served 30 years active duty United States Air Force to include stint as Assistant Fencing Coach, United States Air Force Academy. Spent years traveling and working in Europe, Asia and Hawaii. Currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.   

Culturally Specific Art Category

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  • JoyCat 2019 Burning Man

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