Josh Glenn

On set for "Make Believe" music video in Marfa, TX photo credit: Rod Guajardo

My name is Josh Glenn and I’ve been performing in San Antonio for 15+ years including performances at King William fair, Texas Public Radio, Arneson Theater, Paper Tiger and more.  I developed my unique “one-man band” style through years of practice and collaborations with other locals (Marcus Rubio, Volcán, Nat’l Parks, Phil Luna).  My approach to songwriting is a bit like putting a puzzle together while also manipulating the pieces as I go along. One part singer-songwriter, one part “looping” folk scientist, my goal is to explore unique rhythms and melodies, braiding cool guitar riffs into a big atmospheric swirl of sound that engulfs the listener and brings them into the song making process.  With a tap of my looping pedal, I can begin with a percussive thump on the side of my guitar or maybe I start with a rhythmic arpeggio with some light delay.  Methodically, I stack these simple riffs, one on top of the other, until there’s a swell of musical parts dancing together in harmony.  Then I start to sing whatever I’m feeling in the moment.  There’s an invisible energy that’s reciprocated between the performer and the audience that really drives creation into new realms.  I love improvising my lyrics and music while harnessing this energy! My album, “Orange Moon”, recorded at Studio E by Brant Sankey, was born out of this process and released in 2016.  I released a single, “This Year” in 2017.  I’m inspired by nature, relationships and the mysteries o

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  • \"Make Believe\" (Official music video) - Directed by Rod Guajardo in West Texas (Marfa, TX, Marathon, Tx, and Sanderson, TX)

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  • \"Make Believe\" by Josh Glenn Experiment (from the album \"Orange Moon\")

  • \"Break Wither Settle\" by Josh Glenn Experiment (from the album, \"Orange Moon\")

  • \"Orange Moon Pt. III (Explosions) by Josh Glenn Experiment (from the album, \"Orange Moon\")

  • \"Outer Universe\" by Josh Glenn Experiment (from the album, \"Orange Moon\")