joshua scott

To introduce myself, I am a DJ I focus is on selecting and mixing music to create a unique and seamless listening experience for your audience. This involves not only a deep knowledge of music genres and styles, but also the ability to read a crowd and respond to their energy and preferences. Also a hip hop producer, my role is to create beats and instrumental tracks that serve as the foundation for rappers to add their lyrics and vocals. I like to use variety of digital audio software and hardware. In San Antonio, the hip hop scene has a rich history and continues to thrive with a diverse array of artists and venues. As a DJ and producer in this scene, I have the opportunity to contribute to this vibrant community and create music that reflects my unique style and perspective.

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To give a glimpse of my work. I am into creating emotionally charged and introspective music that is both powerful and hauntingly beautiful. I have the ability to blend together various elements such as piano, strings, and atmospheric soundscapes to create a sense of drama and intensity that is truly captivating.

In terms of style, my work often features a blend of classical and contemporary elements, with a focus on creating a cinematic and atmospheric sound that transports the listener to another world. My approach to production is very polished and professional, with a focus on creating a clean and dynamic sound that allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the music.

My philosophy is centered around creating music that is authentic and deeply personal. Many of my tracks deal with themes of loss, reflection, and the search for meaning, offering the listener a chance to connect with their own emotions and experiences. I am composer and producer. I try to be powerful and introspective for my true listeners. 

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