Joyous Windrider Jiménez

Joyous Windrider Jiménez is a performance poet, visual and theatre artist, and emerging filmmaker, blending performance and visual elements into stories that help articulate the fragmented pieces of her own identity. As a person of color who lives in margins and overlapping categories, Joyous utilizes the power of storytelling to explore personal experience, memory, and worldview.

A San Antonio native, she spent nearly a decade abroad, where she helped diverse minority groups tell their stories. Since her return in 2009, she has presented her original poetry, theatre, and visual work in venues around her city.

A teaching artist since 2012, she’s been creating and delivering workshops for organizations such as SAY Sí, Gemini Ink, the Magik Theatre, Teatro Audaz, San Antonio Wolf Trap, the McNay Art Museum, and the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Joy is currently exploring digital media and video production. Last year she directed and edited She Wears Bells, a video adaptation of jo reyes-boitel’s original operetta for the Jump-Start Performance Co’s INKubator series. Her time-lapse short film “Quarantine is a Dragon” was selected for the Roxie Theater’s Mixtape-In-Place film festival. This year she completed a series of nine educational videos for the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Her work has an expressionistic and cathartic function, often mixed with a touch of advocacy. She grapples with topics such as home, identity, trauma, mental health, and emotional healing.

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  • Quarantine is a Dragon, art demo video poem, © 2020. Written, Illustrated, Read, Recorded, and Edited by Joyous Windrider Jiménez. Screened at the Roxie Theater\'s Mixtape-In-Place virtual film festival (San Francisco).

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