Juan Martinez

Era Mi Hora - Open Mic Performance 3/14/2022 @ Amaretti Coffee

Juan Martinez is a Hispanic American singer/songwriter, who grew up in San Antonio with family ties in Monterrey, Mexico. Inspired by the movie, “La Bamba”, Juan began his musical journey by asking his father, a S.A. local musician, to teach him how to play, “We Belong Together.” The youngest of 3 sons, he was immersed by vinyl and cassette music from his oldest brothers, always borrowing albums to listen on their family road trips to Mexico. Upon his mother’s passing from breast cancer in 2003, Juan began to write his first songs, to serve as a coping mechanism and to commemorate his mother’s legacy. His most recent work, “Crashing Waves”, has reflections of his past, drowning from all the pain, and questioning if there are others going through the same feeling today. His indie folk vibes allow you to wallow in despondency.



  • Era Mi Hora - Crashing Waves Lyrics Are you thankful for this world you're living in? And I can't help but wonder Where I'm going Will I make it to the coast? Crashing waves all around me I'm swimming away currents all all around me just swallow me whole into the depths that I spoke You said you would never leave but that was a promise you couldn't keep I wonder if another person has felt this pain I'm just waiting for another Crashing wave Are you thankful for this world you're living in? But I can't help but wonder Where I'm going

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